The New Year is here and it’s tough to change your diet! Eat more fruits and vegetables. Cut back on salt, saturated fat, and sugar. Switch to whole grains. Exercise for at least an hour a day. Many people know all that and more. But how do you translate those BROAD strokes into the dozens of diet and exercise decisions you make each and every day?

This is the first of a series of nutrition to help get you start the year right!

TIP #1: BUY A BAG OF CUT VEGGIES! Maybe you shouldn’t be too tired (or rushed or distracted by life) to wash and cut up your own broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. But you are. Don’t sweat it. Companies like Dole are happy to do it for you. And the cost isn’t much higher if you remember to factor in that there is no waste. Other options: buy your broccoli, carrots, and other vegetables at the salad bar or buy a bag of frozen (unseasoned) vegetables, which come in Asian, Mediterranean, and other blends. A quick healthy dinner option: open bag, dump into a skillet or wok, add sauce and cook. Not only convenient but nutritious.