Cold cuts and other processed meats are a convincing cause of colorectal cancer. Eat no more than 18 oz. of red meat (beef, pork, lamb) a week and no processed meats at all. Ounce or ounce, consuming processed meats increases cancer risk twice as much as consuming red meat. The nitrites that are added to processed meats may make them worse than other red meats. To avoid them – and to dodge a lot of sodium – look for ‘no nitrite added,’ ‘lower sodium,’ or ‘no salt added’ deli meats. If you MUST eat a small amount of processed meats on certain occasions. Eat it with a hearty portion of a vitamin C rich fruit and/or vegetable. The ascorbic acid protects the nitrite and doesn’t allow your body to convert it into the damaging and potentially carcinogenic ‘nitrosamine.’