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Don’t let Halloween Spook your Health.

The average kid collects 3,500-7,000 calories worth of candy, but many kids just enjoy the collecting. Help your kids stay healthy by offering them trade-ins for their candy. Purchase a few toys you knowRead more

Why meet with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

Top 10 Reasons to Consult with an RDN. Here are just ‘some’ of the reasons people seek the expert, science-based advice of a registered dietitian-nutritionist. You have diabetes, cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure;Read more

Carbs and Cocktails – while alcohol can raise spirits, the effects on blood glucose can be mixed.

Which are the lowest-carb libations? For people with diabetes, drinking alcohol can be a tricky exercise. Alcohol itself causes blood glucose to drop, but the things people mix with their spirits have widely-varying amountsRead more

Want a hamburger? Try a meat-free patty

“Why can’t you build meat directly from plants?” asks Beyond Meat’s website. “It turns out you can.” The Beyond Burger, a blend of mostly pea protein, canola oil, and coconut oil, plus beet juiceRead more

Jackfruit is the meatless case’s latest craze.

Cooked unripe (green) jackfruit has a stringy texture somewhat like pulled pork (or artichoke hearts). But with only 1 or 2 grams of protein per 3 oz., it’s more like a vegetable than aRead more

Fishing for Fishless?

Gardein Golden Fishless Filets or Mini Crispy Crabless Cakes could pass for real seafood…but they’ve got less omega-3 fat than you’d get in fish. “Contains 32 mg of ALA, EPA and DHA Omega-3 fattyRead more

A registered dietitian nutritionist can help you weed through the murky waters of nutrition misinformation

Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists – Your Recipe for Success! A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) can help you weed through the murky waters of nutrition misinformation and provide sound, easy-to-follow nutrition advice. Here are a few ofRead more

Six Tips for Choosing the BEST Veggie Meats

Here are six tips to help you figure out which deserve a place on your plate. 1. Maximize protein. If your aim is to replace meat, ¬fish, or poultry, look for at least 10Read more

Dinner Done Right! Raising Healthy Eaters.

It’s more important than ever to raise a healthy eater. Did you know the generation growing up now (ages 0-26) W-I-L-L predecease their parents solely because of the diabetes/obesity epidemic. Simply stated the babyRead more

It’s been 6 months…10 Tips for Sticking With Healthy Resolutions

January was a perfect time to start fresh with a new attitude, new goals and hopefully a positive outlook! July is a great time to revisit your resolution! While the beginning of the NewRead more