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The Lifestyle Patterns Quiz addresses three key areas of weight management: eating patterns, exercise patterns, and coping patterns. Taking this unique and informative quiz will help us optimally teach you how to uncover and overcome each patients unique challenges. For example:

  • Are you a nighttime nibbler?
  • When it comes to exercise, are you a rain-check athlete?
  • Do you cope by being an emotional eater?

This quiz will allow us to provide customized strategies for your individual needs. This interactive lifestyle pattern quiz is free of charge and only available for qualifying patients of Nutrition Authority. If you have the password, click here to go to the download page.

Note: Program requires a PC

Which one are you? Or are you a combination?

Eating Patterns
The Meal Skipper
The Nighttime Nibbler
The Convenient Diner
The Fruitless Feaster
The Steady Snacker
The Hearty Portioner
The Swing Eater

Exercise Patterns
The Couch Champion
The Uneasy Participant
The Fresh Starter
The All-or-Nothing Doer
The Set-Routine Repeater
The Tender Bender
The Rain Check Athlete
Coping Patterns
The Emotional Eater
The Self-Scrutinizer
The Persistent Procrastinator
The People Pleaser
The Fast Pacer
The Doubtful Dieter
The Overreaching Achiever