The average kid collects 3,500-7,000 calories worth of candy, but many kids just enjoy the collecting. Help your kids stay healthy by offering them trade-ins for their candy. Purchase a few toys you know they may like or offer monetary compensation and designate a certain number of candies equal to each reward (ex: trade in 5 candies for a new Frisbee or 20 candies for a trip to the zoo, etc.) and donate or give away the rest. Set pre-determined limits on the amount of candy that’s allowed daily for both you and your children after dinner for a week or two. Talk about this plan before October 31st with your child. They will be receptive in their anticipation of such a fun night!

Did you know most insurance has an annual allowance for Medical Nutrition Therapy (nutrition education and coaching with a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist) and so often it goes unused? Call TODAY and as a courtesy we’ll check your insurance so you will know-in-advance exactly what your coverage is! 1-855-EAT-4LIFE