January was a perfect time to start fresh with a new attitude, new goals and hopefully a positive outlook! July is a great time to revisit your resolution! While the beginning of the New Year is filled with resolutions and commitments to build healthy habits and make positive lifestyle changes, it is common to see (6 months later) those good intentions have fallen by the wayside.

Here are a few tips to help you stick with your plan.

1. Write it down – simply writing down your intentions will help you stick with your resolutions. Keep them somewhere visible so they stay top of mind!
2. One step at a time – Figure out a step by step plan for how you will meet your goals. You will feel more successful when you can tackle big things a little at a time.
3. Organize – The first step might be just to clean out and organize. If you want to eat better, clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Set up a grocery list and meal plan for the week and set aside time each week to do it.
4. App it up – Your phone probably has a ton of apps that can help you organize, prioritize and stay on track. Look for grocery shopping apps like Out of Milk or Grocery IQ, Fitness Apps to track your fitness goals or productivity apps to help you keep your plan in place and on track.
5. Step it Up – Find ways to work in extra steps every day. Take the stairs at work, park farther away, get off the bus a stop early. Every little bit adds up!
6. Colorize – Just as a bright top or skirt can brighten your mood, so can the food on your plate. Add colorful fruits and vegetables to your meals and snacks – chances are you’ll be smiling more!
7. New and Fresh – Pull out your old cookbooks that are gathering dust and try one new recipe a week. Join a fitness class or take a class on something you’ve always wanted to learn. An active mind is just as important as an active body!
8. Family Time – Get your kids involved in planning meals and shopping. Depending on their age, they can help in the kitchen too. Grab your spouse and dog and head out for a walk or run in the park. Find winter activities that the whole family will enjoy.
9. Pick a hobby – Sometimes just finding something to occupy your mind will pull you away from your TV or gaming system and will help cut down on mindless munching.
10. Grab a buddy – It’s hard to tackle big changes on your own. Find a friend at work and take a walk at lunch or head to the gym together. Having someone waiting on you will make it more likely you’ll keep those healthy habits.

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