Surprise! It’s the Oatmeal Raisin. At 340 calories, it just edges out the Chocolate with Walnuts (320).

Surprise #2: Two Oatmeal Raisins can’t match a single Panera Kitchen Sink Cookie (800 calories). Nor can a Double Fudge Brownie (520), a Bear Claw (540), a Cinnamon Roll (670), or a Pecan Roll (720). It’s not easy to stuff 800 calories into a cookie, even one that measures 5½ inches across! Adding two kinds of chocolate helps, as do the caramel pieces…and the embedded pretzel bits…and the load of white flour…and the butter. Voila! Each Kitchen Sink packs 27 grams of saturated fat—nearly 1½ days’ worth—and 13½ teaspoons of sugar (most of it added).

Surprise #3: The sodium hits a cool 760 milligrams, thanks, in part, to the “flake salt” that Panera thoughtfully adds. A third of a day’s worth of sodium from a cookie? Really?

What’s a sweet tooth to do? If you need something sweet to go with your coffee, try a Petite Chocolate Chipper. It’s got 100 calories, 3 grams of saturated fat, and 2 ¬teaspoons of sugar. In a restaurant, that’s about as “petite” as it gets.

Reprinted with permission by, Center for Science and Public Interest.

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