Top 10 Reasons to Consult with an RDN.

Here are just ‘some’ of the reasons people seek the expert, science-based advice of a registered dietitian-nutritionist. You have diabetes, cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure; you want to improve your performance in sports; you are thinking of having or have had gastric bypass surgery; you want to eat smarter and ‘grow older healthfully’; you have digestive problems; you’re caring for an aging parent; you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant; you need to gain or lose weight; you are a ‘mom on a mission’ and wanting to feed your family an optimally nutritious diet; your teenager has issues with food and eating healthfully.

Did you know most insurance has an annual allowance for Medical Nutrition Therapy (nutrition education and coaching with a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist) and so often it goes unused? Call TODAY and as a courtesy we’ll check your insurance so you will know-in-advance exactly what your coverage is! 1-855-EAT-4LIFE