Nutrition is the key
to aging healthfully…
vs. miserably!


Food and Nutrition Information You Can Trust
Whether you have been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, classified with mild, moderate or morbid obesity OR you are simply a ‘mom-on-a-mission’ to feed her family a more nutritious diet or you are hoping to gain the competitive edge in sports nutrition… Nutrition Authority is your best source for trustworthy, peer-reviewed, and science-based food and nutrition information. We are committed to improving your health and helping to set you on the path of improved health and wellness.

It’s All About Eating Right
We realize how important it is to make good food choices in order to develop improved (but not necessarily perfect) eating habits and make an effort to spend less time sedentary. Getting accurate and reliable information isn’t always easy. In fact, the plethora of nutrition misinformation reported in the media is deceiving and overwhelming. Whether you have a ‘face-to-face’ consult with a Nutrition Authority nutrition education coach, meet by phone or through internet counseling, starting new habits and making positive lifestyle changes with our guidance, will enable you to learn, understand, enjoy and ‘stick-to’ more healthful lifestyle choices without having to give up taste, convenience or the fun of eating!

Enrich Your Nutrition Knowledge
Learning about nutrition promotes awareness, increased accountability, and enlightenment towards healthier food choices. As your ‘Nutrition Authority,’ let us coach you towards adopting  more nutritious and healthful lifestyle habits, without being overly focused on ‘your diet’.

By becoming a patient/client of Nutrition Authority you will be able to:

  • Gain immediate access to current, relevant and credible nutrition resources.
  • Participate in a ‘Lifestyle Patterns Quiz’.
  • Take a supermarket tour to read the ‘reality’ on the labels.
  • Have a ‘home evaluation’ at your house, with all of your family.
  • Review informative, educational and popular nutrition websites to better guide you towards a healthier life!
  • Receive a free Nutrition Newsletter six times annually.
  • Unlimited access, via internet or phone, to your own personal nutritionist for any questions or concerns you may have, for example: weight-loss plateaus, labs that are not improving, vitamin confusion or conflicting reports in the media.


Reach Your Goals
Whether you are thinking about losing weight, wanting to learn to eat better or you have a disease process that warrants nutrition modification, let us personalize your nutrition needs to optimally meet and manage a new you! Nutrition Authority’s primary focus is to ‘coach’ you towards reaching your nutrition goals with a realistic and personalized approach that fits your busy lifestyle, eating quirks and preferences. By listening to your past (failed) efforts, future goals and what you hope to accomplish, We will help you attain your improved nutrition lifestyle by focusing on a combination of the following areas:

Nutrition and Lifestyle Change – ‘Readiness’

  1. Getting to Know You – your current lifestyle and habits.
  2. Nutrition 101 – everything you didn’t know about nutrition!
  3. Meal and snack – timing and portion sizing.
  4. Diagnosis Specific Nutrition Education – if referred by MD.
  5. Physical Activity Education – spending less time sedentary.
  6. Laboratory Assessment Evaluation – how to better your numbers.
  7. Nutrient Supplementation – multivitamins, fish oil, vitamin D.
  8. Stimulus Control – changing your environment.
  9. Behavior Barriers – what your weight says about you.
  10. Personalized Goal Setting – progress not perfection.
  11. Self-Monitoring Tools – food and activity analysis.


We would love to hear from you!
Never underestimate the benefit of small, simple lifestyle changes! For the majority of obesity and overweight related health care concerns, it is in your hands to age healthfully or to age miserably. As we know all too well, bad choices over decades easily become bad habits and these negative choices impact our health, vitality and well-being.

Whereas, consistent and easy-to-incorporate good choices can begin to become healthier lifestyle habits. The nutrition experts at Nutrition Authority believe in progress more than perfection. Such as, skipping the cheese or the mayo, planning for your ‘snack attacks’ at work, or perhaps walking inside to retrieve your dry cleaning vs. using the drive-thru.

Whether these lifestyle choices are beneficial or unbecoming, they add up over the years in a way that can negatively or positively impact your level of energy, nutrition and over-all health. If you would like to utilize our nutrition expertise as your private nutrition consultant, please click on  ‘Contact a Dietitian’ to complete a contact form or click on ‘Schedule Your Appointment’ to schedule a consultation now.