Adult Placemat (purple or brown)

Limit junk food…
You have the power
not to devour!

Adults age 19 and over

Whether you are a ‘cubicle Karen’ or ‘trucker Joe’ it is important to eat a nutritious diet. It’s true! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Good nutrition is the best route for disease management and prevention.

My Nutrition Placemat is like having a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN) guiding you at every meal! Early in life you learned to crave what you were introduced to. It’s important you know, we are not born with an affinity for sugar, fat, and salt. Healthy and unhealthy eating habits are learned by watching how loved ones eat, being influenced by television, social media, and friends.

My Nutrition Placemat provides a creative opportunity to talk about eating right to fuel a healthy body.

The front side of the placemat is titled, ‘MAKE IT YOUR OWN.’ Each of the food groups contain:

  • Varied examples of healthful food choices to eat.
  • The recommended serving size specific to each food.
  • The recommended number of servings allowed daily for 1800-2200 calories.
  • Healthy food portions examples as compared with everyday objects.
  • Discretionary ‘treat’ calories are allowed (50-150 calories daily). Moderation not Deprivation!


The back side of My Nutrition Placemat is titled, ‘CREATIVE CHANGES.‘ An artist palette exemplifies how creative we can be in striving to eat a more colorful, healthier, and nutritiously varied diet.

As adults, we are crammed with the busyness of life! Do you think it is ‘healthy’ to eat macaroni and cheese at dinner? It may not be the best dinner choice when we choose to fill our plate with just the macaroni and cheese (or meat lasagna) and a little canned corn, then call it a healthy meal.

My Nutrition Placemat does not tell you to avoid macaroni and cheese or meat lasagna, instead it reminds you to be mindful of not only the portion size you should eat, but your placemat will also remind you to eat a small salad, or a steamed vegetable, and some fruit before you eat your entree!

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The complete product line of ‘My Nutrition Placemat’ includes:


‘My Nutrition Plate’ is like having a personal nutritionist sit with you at each meal!

This helpful nutrition education tool helps promote a process of positive changes towards more balanced eating, not only on your plate, but also in your mind. If you look at your placemat and read it each time you eat, it will ‘talk’ to you. Reading the placemat daily will help you stay focused on feeding your body a better way.

Your reward for ‘listening’ will be weight loss, improved labs, less medication, more energy, and better health!


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