Driver’s Seat Placemat

Limit junk food…
You have the power
not to devour!

Pre-teens and teenagers ages 12 – 18

Preteens and teenagers nutrition needs manifest as a surge in appetite around the age of ten (girls) and twelve (boys). When this happens it is typically a foreshadowing of the oncoming puberty growth spurt.

Eating the right amount and the right type of additional food calories is imperative to setting up a lifetime of good food choices. Unfortunately, overweight kids tend to become obese adults. At this time, 1 in 3 preteens/teens have prediabetes and do not know it.

A family motto of ‘Practice Progress Not Perfection’ and ‘Moderation Not Deprivation’ are great seeds to plant for a lifetime of benefit.

These creative and educational teaching placemats are a proven effective guidance tool to remind us (at most meals) to eat a more thought-out, colorful, and well balanced diet.

The placemat is like having a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN) guide your pre-teen/teenager every time they sit down to eat.

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The complete product line of ‘My Nutrition Placemat’ includes:

  • ADULT age 19 and older
  • DRIVERS SEAT for pre-teen and teenagers ages 12 – 18
  • FOOD SAFARI for elementary children ages 6 – 11
  • EAT YOUR COLORS for young children ages 2 – 5


‘My Nutrition Plate’ is like having a personal nutritionist sit with you at each meal!

This helpful nutrition education tool helps promote a process of positive changes towards more balanced eating, not only on your plate, but also in your mind. If you look at your placemat and read it each time you eat, it will ‘talk’ to you. Reading the placemat daily will help you stay focused on feeding your body a better way.

Your reward for ‘listening’ will be weight loss, improved labs, less medication, more energy, and better health!


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