Eat Your Colors Placemat

NOT Deprivation!

Young children ages 2-5

Whether you are a ‘mom-on-a-mission’ to feed your young one a more nutritious diet or you are an amazing dad/care giver, your 2 – 5 year old needs to eat frequently. Little tummies fill up fast, but they are small and they also empty fast. At least three healthy meals a day, plus snacks is necessary. Your little one should learn to eat the same food as the rest of the family. With improved language and social skills, your child can become an active participant at mealtimes, if given the chance. Do not fixate on amounts eaten or picky eaters. This shall pass.

Plan mealtimes to be positive, relaxed and social. Encourage your little one to try different food types and textures, always in a positive eating environment. Offer an appropriate amount of food while allowing these young children to decide for themselves how much they will actually eat at each meal. Get rid of the ‘clean your plate club’ mentality!

The ‘Eat Your Colors’ placemat is like having a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN) guiding you to offer the best of nutrition needs for your young one at every meal! My Nutrition Placemat provides a wonderful opportunity to talk about eating right to fuel a healthy body.

Here are a few good rules of thumb:

  • Every meal has a fruit and vegetable.
  • At every meal the fruit and vegetable are to be eaten first.
  • Involve kids in the selection and preparation of meals.
  • Say ‘Do you want carrots or broccoli?’ instead of ‘What vegetable do you want?’
  • Little eyes are watching. Adults need to set the example!

These creative and educational teaching placemats are a proven effective guidance tool to remind us (at most meals) to eat a more thought-out, colorful, and well balanced diet.

The placemat is like having a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN) sharing great food tips at every meal!

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The complete product line of ‘My Nutrition Placemat’ includes:

  • ADULT age 19 and older
  • DRIVERS SEAT for pre-teen and teenagers ages 12 – 18
  • FOOD SAFARI for elementary children ages 6 – 11
  • EAT YOUR COLORS for young children ages 2 – 5


‘My Nutrition Plate’ is like having actual directions to help mom and dad with the ‘how-to’ of feeding and growing a healthy little one. Overweight kids many times become obese adults. This does not have to be true.

This helpful nutrition education tool promotes a process of positive changes towards more balanced eating, not only on the plate, but also in the mind. The more mom and dad talk about healthy eating with your 2 – 5 year old the better they will eat! If you look at your child’s placemat with them most times they eat, it will begin to ‘talk’ … and teach. Then everyone wins! Reading the placemat daily will help everyone stay focused on feeding your body a better way.

Your child’s reward for ‘listening’ will be growing old healthfully instead of miserably! Creating a positive association with meal time, food choices and snacks will promote a lifetime of maintaining a healthy weight, good labs, less medication, more energy, and better health!


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