Practice Progress…
NOT Perfection!


Here are some healthy family resources:

Nutrition Authority is always on the lookout for great-healthy websites, resources and links that promote healthy eating, nutrition and wellness for you and your families!

BEST Monthly Nutrition Newsletter
 Nutrition Action Healthletter; Center for Science in the Public Interest

Diabetes Management
 Diabetes Food Hub

Food Allergy Nutrition Resources
 Enjoy Life Foods

Food Records/Logging
 Calorie King Food Records
 Diet TV Food Records
 My Fitness Pal
My Food Diary Food Records
Spark People Food Records

Fruits and Vegetables
 Fruit and Veggies MORE MATTERS

Gluten Free Websites
Gluten-Free Living

Healthy Dining Out
 Healthy Dining Finder

Healthy Websites for Kids
Kids Health

Healthy Websites for Parents
 American Heart Association: Delicious Decisions
 Fruits and Veggies more
 Healthy Kids Challenge
 Healthy Monday
 Keep Kids Healthy
My Plate

Medical Groups
Sound Family Medicine
 Woodcreek Healthcare

Nutrition and Cancer
 Mesothelioma and Nutrition

Pregnancy and Women`s Health
 Promoting Pregnancy Wellness

Recipe Books, Websites and Meal Planning
Meal Planning Made Simple
National Dairy Council

Suggested Nutrition Education Books
 High Blood Pressure – The DASH Diet Action Plan
 The DASH Diet for Hypertension

Tools for Healthier Food Choices

Interview with Brooke Douglas on