Nutrition Authority is here to help you reach your nutrition goals with a realistic approach that accommodates your lifestyle, current routines and eating preferences. Whether we meet in person, by phone or internet, together we will develop practical strategies to bring your closer to your personal health goal. Small, personalized and simple changes make a big difference in your health. Healthy eating habits have the power to make you feel and look your very best!

Nutrition Authority offers a variety of nutrition counseling settings and mobile options to help you meet your specific nutrition goals. Nutrition Authority accepts most insurance companies. Insurance coverage varies with each company and every individual plan. While some provide 100% coverage others deny based on the patient not yet having the annual deductible met or it could be denied for not having a qualifying diagnosis. Regardless, many insurance companies do not require a referral from an MD or a qualifying diagnosis. Maybe your insurance company is one of these?

Insurance coverage varies a lot. However, to increase the likelihood of insurance covering your in-person or tele-nutrition consult, it is optimal (however, not necessary) to have a referral from an MD including a qualifying diagnosis. Also, don’t forget to check your employee benefits plan at work. Some plans cover up to $500 for counseling by a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist per year. All Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Plans allow you to pay for Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist services with these funds. Most insurance plans are accepted!