Limit junk food…You have the power not to devour!




For the past two decades, Nutrition Authority Co-Owner, Brooke Douglas, has had many opportunities to work with media outlets, such as: ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNBC. In addition, as a nutrition expert, Brooke has contributed ‘fresh ideas’ in nutrition content, written full-scripts, and/or appeared on national video wellness programs (some of the video programs sold nationwide in all GNC stores).

Brooke has also written and appeared in video and infomercial campaigns sponsored by associations like the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society.

As a nutrition educator, Brooke remains passionate about nutrition and its influence on how we age. Brooke strives hard to spread the word about the power of food and good nutrition. Many have stated that Brooke has a humorous ‘gift of gab’ and her mission is to enlighten, inspire, motivate and empower individuals to achieve optimal health by making simple lifestyle changes…while at the same time not having to give up taste, convenience, or the fun of eating!

If you would like to talk with Brooke about a media appearance, email her at  If you would rather talk to Brooke on the phone call 1-855-EAT-4LIFE – she would love to hear from you!