"Nutrition Authority has been helping me to wellness. I have lost over 30 pounds and feel better than I have in many years. I still have another 40 or so pounds to go but I am determined to reach that goal. I just want to say thank you  for the part my personal nutritionist has played in my role to well being. She has been the catalyst that opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong and what would most likely happen to me if I stayed on the road I was on. I have been amazed at my transformation and I wanted my dietitian to know that she played a huge part in my success. I am looking forward to seeing her again in the future!"

Deana B.
Roy, WA

"Since seeing a dietitian at Nutrition Authority, my nutrition/workout is going well. I find it interesting what simple smart nutrition can do; I have been off the cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes meds for almost 3 months - just got my labs back this week and A1C was 5.7%, all cholesterol measures were normal or better. I am free from meds !!!"

Brent R.
Auburn, WA

"It is no longer an effort to eat healthful food, it has now become a way of life! I enjoy planning my meals and finding good things to eat that make me feel well. Thank you to my personal nutritionist for changing the way I look at food. You have truly made a difference in my life and the lives of my family."

Angela C.
Federal Way, WA

"I needed a lot of support and would email or call frequently with questions about nutrition and the dietitian I met with at Nutrition Authority was the best when I needed a little 'pep' talk and a kick in the pants! It was very motivating for me."

Becky L.
Orting, WA

"I enjoyed talking with my personal nutrionist about how I eat and my lifestyle. She made me feel like she really cares. It is really hard for me to trust anyone. She is truly a great person."

Cassie W.
Puyallup, WA

"Meeting with my own dietitian at Nutrtion Authority was fun! I really liked her animation, the nutrition examples and the stories she told about nutrition and good health. Learning from my dietitian really did (and does still) help me want to make better choices for me and my hubby's health!"

Donna T.
Seattle, WA

"Just by speaking with my personal nutritionist I felt the compassion and energy that she put into her work. My husband met with another local dietitian (before I met with Nutrition Authority for the first time). I went with my husband to his nutrition session and my poor husband ended up with a nutritionist who was BLAND and not motivated and it was obviously just a 'job' to her. I can see why the Nutrition Authority team is successful."

Marla K.
Tacoma, WA

"I wouldn't mind coming back in to see my dietitian and review things from time to time. She has changed the way I look at food and how I eat. I really appreciate her. Thank you so much for the information. I only wish I'd come to you 30 years ago."

Nancy B.
Puyallup, WA

"I had a family consult with Nutrition Authority. My husband thought the nutrition information we learned was great. On our way home from our first family consult...the kids said they did not want to go out to eat because they wanted to go home and eat (their words) "the good stuff". At dinner-they reminded us to eat our carrots first 'because they have lots of color'. My son, had an epiphany-saying, "Oh I get it...the reason we eat the carrots first is so that we don't get too full on the other stuff and we make sure we have the "good stuff" in our body". And then I asked my daughter what she thought about meeting with a dietitian and she said, "I liked our dietitian-she was nice and pretty and nice". Anyway, I really appreciate the help I received for my family and I to learn, together, how to eat healthier."

Shannan H.
Edgewood, WA

"My personal nutritionist has been a wonderful and supportive coach! I really looked forward to each consult! I feel she really personalized my consults to meet the special challenges I have with eating."

Yolande S.
Bonney Lake, WA